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Subject: Introduce Yourself
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jeevs 7/11/2006 - 10:17:11
Say a little something about urself. Think of it as getting ur 5 seconds of fame! clap.GIF *

xxkyo 7/16/2006 - 10:38:45
16 year old otaq from Lithuania, favorite anime is Elfen Lied, favorite manga is Elfen Lied too. *

kikh 7/17/2006 - 6:43:31
I'm 16, female and live in South Africa. I'm kind of an...um...anime-virgin, cos i always liked stuff like dbz but never knew what it was. Now i'm totally addicted 2 it. My fave anime's r Dbz/gt, Mewmew power, Cyborg 009 and Medabots, but my ultimate fave is Yu-gi-oh! *

jeevs 7/25/2006 - 9:08:44
hello.GIF Hey there! Welcome to the group xxkyo and kikh. What about all u other guys and gals in here? *

espada 10/10/2006 - 1:09:52
I'm 23 & I've been an otaku since I first saw Voltron & Robotech as a kid. I bought Samurai Showdown at a karate tournament & I've been buying anime ever since. *

jeevs 11/7/2006 - 6:35:04
Welcome espada! It's good to know there's another anime fan in here. I also used to watch Robotech as a kid. It was like my favourite TV show at the time. I've played Samurai Showdown as well and I've finished quite a few of them. Anyway, nice chatting. Later! happy.GIF *

rei25 1/20/2007 - 8:57:51
Konichiwa minna-san =) im 16 frm m'sia.. My fves r naruto,bleach,death note,tennis no oujisama n hellsing..Im not rlly gud in english.Gomen ^.^ *i just bought naruto artbook.So cOOL!! *

gothtard 5/6/2007 - 1:40:47
Hi im braidy-lee am eighteen. I love the j*p naruto the english version doesnt cut it. Rock-lee is my 2nd fave character how convineint for me guess who my first is... *

gator80 8/21/2007 - 5:55:50
Im gator im 27 and i watch every anime i can get my hands every since fist of the north star, akira, ghost in t shell im an addict my favs r countless but hayao miyazaki's films r all on my fav list *

saika 9/4/2007 - 11:58:16
Alo..Hi..I'm new in this web n group...Favourite anime ard train heartnet XIII and mason odrosso XII at 'black cat' (<-story name)and second anime story is 'god(?)save our king'(kyo kara maoh)..Add me now if you want... *

saika 9/5/2007 - 12:04:29
Owh..Sory..Forgot to intro my self..I'm 15 male, live in house at brunei darussalam..My email zelo_360@hotmail.Com and activity i always do is practice kendo and about favourite anime is i told u before this *

kaizilla 9/19/2007 - 10:28:27
I dont say my age. my fav anime is FLCL,M.A.R. also Tokyopop *

eryna 14.11.07 - 07:19am
Hello there. . .Im 22 n fr0m malaysia. . .My fav anime is bleach. .Very c0ol. . . *

izudin 7.12.07 - 05:04pm
hy, just want to say i a naruto fan and ready to upload manya great anime theme:) *

777ninja 31.12.07 - 04:59am
Names Tony. Sixteen and I have loved anime since I got hooked on Dbz as a child. As of now my favorites are Naruto, FMA, and of course Dbz. Never gets old *

vasha02 4.01.08 - 01:53pm
am 15 years old 4m indonesia n i luv cardcaptor sakura n dds *

saidi 4.01.08 - 07:35pm
hi,Iam Jelly by name a Tanzanian youth! it is my first time to enter!chat with me *

cagallie 6.01.08 - 08:18am
See?CagalLie yula atha oNe of my fave chara in gundam seed!I have its artbook also! Oh btw my name is linna. Am addicted into manga n anime since i was 9! I love to draw manga too!! N watch all kinds of anime grin.GIF *

cagallie 6.01.08 - 08:23am
Any1 knows MPD psycho?? Ouran host club? Tsubasa reservoir? Rave? *

minmei 23.04.08 - 08:27pm
Hey guys! I grew up on Robotek. Luvd minmei's songs. Btw where can i get her songs? Lov DBZ,cn Cpt Harlock in Arcadia,Cyborg 009,Home of Acorns @ j*p film festivals. I colkt anime stuf & bort me a shojobeat comic. *

jotmax 19.05.08 - 06:05pm

lazydude 14.06.08 - 01:45pm
I'm ron en i'v luvd anime sinc i 1st saw dbz. Fav animes r bleach,naruto. Letaz *

puto7 17.06.08 - 01:33pm
'sup people i'm puto7 & i'm... i'm... an anime addict. My greates weaknesses r eureka seven and dbz *

rhisia 21.06.08 - 05:32pm
Im rhian,juz new here,im i rily like anime.Fan of naru2,yugi_oh,ghostfighter,even conan.Now im not updated coz due 2 my work. *

sxichix 13.07.08 - 06:01am
Well nowt gained n that lmao im not that fast at going backwards lol swing.GIF ova 30s only mwah n inbox me magichat.GIF mwah emma pmsl hello.GIF 2 ya mwah *

sxichix 13.07.08 - 06:04am
Soz guyz didt read lmoa *

hinme 4.08.08 - 10:09am
I am 16 years old,from Brunei,i love the way of japanese culture.My favourite anime is Kyo Kara Maou and my favourite manga is fairy tale *

sxichix 5.08.08 - 08:03am
Lol me fink im ova the legal age lol im 35 me best do 1 iv a 16yr lad god i feel old PmSl x *

ashiya13 10.08.08 - 12:43am
angel-devil.GIF Hajimema e minna~san ..i'm 17/f_fr0m Philippines i love anime's and asian0velas..Fav.anime was NARUTO ,NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN..BLEACHagree.GIFprince of Tennis and many m0re ..domo arigatou !hilarious.GIF *

ashiya13 10.08.08 - 12:51am
hey any1 who wants to learn the jap.language , i can be y0ur interpreter angel.GIF i'm a half japanese half m0nster hehe.. Ja'ne ! *

novitano 23.08.08 - 09:04pm
I'm novita.Female,16 years old.My fave anme is Naruto,Bleach,Tokyo Mew Mew,Digi Charat,and all of.. *

7hinata7 8.10.08 - 04:08am
Hi im 18 my real name is nativity i live at puerto rico i c any anime i can a few r naruto,bleach,death note,etc. But my all time fav is ranma 1/2. That was the first anime i ever saw since then ive been a fan. *

sxichix 12.10.08 - 12:43am
Must b a age fing lmao cant (lookingfor) my reply *

cjhin 24.10.08 - 07:00am
Hi to everyone!Im Cjhin from Asia.Well, my favorite anime include Vision of Escaflowne, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Naruto. I also used to sketch some anime character as one of my hobbies. *

webi 4.11.08 - 09:05am
hello.GIF my name is Wendy, im an 18 yr old f anime otaku living in SA. I simply adore anime, have 2 many favs 2 mention! I love all things japanese 2! *

kagemaru 20.11.08 - 12:27pm
Im kagemaru , 15 male, frm phil , like to draw anime, on going manga artist, lkes to surf at animelyrics, and singing it, may i request, i lyk the CHAIN of back on, pls also join my group, http://kogarasumaru.wapgroups.com, here youll find wallpapers of anime, i also love anime, i lyk get backers, airgear, law of ueki, eyeshield 21, mai hime, eureka7, pichi pichi pitch, prince of tennis, magikano, negima, yuyu hakusho, flame of recca, shakugan no shana, naruto and naruto shippuuden, and many *

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